Welcome to sci-wms

sci-wms is an open-source Python implementation of a WMS (Web Mapping Service) server designed for oceanographic, atmospheric, climate and weather data. It achieves real-time, on-demand visualization of internal (file access) and externally hosted (DAP) CF-compliant data.


  • No tools for comparing multiple unstructured models out of the box

  • Existing WMS technologies (ncWMS and GeoServer) don’t support unstructured meshes in a format the preserves topology

  • Vast amount of large collections of met-ocean data available over OpenDAP


  • Visualize grids adhering to CF-UGRID or CF-SGRID conventions

  • Abstracts each dataset into two objects: a topology and corresponding model data

  • Topologies are stored locally for quick and efficient spatial queries (RTree indexes for each grid)

  • External data (over DAP) is subset, downloaded, and rendered for each request

  • Supports arbitrary cartographic projections

  • Web-based management console for managing datasets and variables

  • Lightweight client for testing


Code author: Alex Crosby <https://github.com/acrosby>

Code author: Andrew Yan <https://github.com/ayan-usgs>

Code author: Brandon Mayer <https://github.com/brandonmayer>

Code author: Brian McKenna <https://github.com/brianmckenna>

Code author: Dave Foster <https://github.com/daf>

Code author: Kyle Wilcox <https://github.com/kwilcox>